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Frequently asked questions
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How do I know what size gutters are on my house?

To determine what size and style gutter will require you to have access to the gutter. (If you are uncomfortable climbing on ladders we suggest you call a professional.)

  • The two most common style gutters are the K-style and Half-round as shown below
    Common Gutter Styles
    standard k style gutter
    standard half round copper gutter
  • To determine the size of the gutter you will need to measure from the back to the front of the gutter mouth or opening. In most cases your measurement will be 5 or 6 inches across. Please see images below
    Five inch gutter measurements
    In this example the gutter mouth measures 5 " across. It is referred to as a 5 " K-style gutter.
    gutter measurements
    In this example the gutter mouth measures 6" across. It is referred to as a 6" K-style gutter.
  • Fascia gutters are similar in look to a K-style gutter. The face of the gutter is usually slanted, but may also have a concave appearance. In California and other Western states fascia gutters are becoming more common.

    Custom Sizes will require measurements to be submitted
    Custom gutters are becoming more available on the market
    If you have a special type of gutter we will assist you in finding what will work best for you. Please call us at 800-622-4455.
    FLo-Free's smooth slick top surface puts foliage where it belongs....on the ground Flo-Free Leaf Guard allows maximum amount of rain water to flow horizontally without product resistance through your gutter system.
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