All about Flo-Free
Make sure that you are in good health and capable prior to attempting to install FLo-Free Leaf Guard

If you are unsure or incapable of performing the Flo-Free Leaf Guard Installation, we would recommend contacting a capable, insured remodeling contractor, roofing contractor, carpenter contractor or a gutter contractor to perform the Flo-Free Leaf Guard installation for you.

Ensure your gutters are previously cleaned, free of debris and dry before the Flo-Free Leaf Guard is installed.

The following tools are required to perform the Flo-Free Leaf Guard installation:

Please do not install Flo-Free Leaf if you not sure footed when using a ladderBefore installing the Flo-Free Leaf Guard you should ensure you are capable of working safely from a secure ladder at your gutter height where Flo-Free is to be installed.

A sturdy ladder that is tall enough for the project and one that is stable enough to work upon. Please do not attempt to install the Flo-Free Leaf Guard from the rooftop.

A caulk gun will be nned to seeal the FLo-Free Leaf Guard into place

A standard 10.2 ounce caulking gun (recommend a hooked plunger rod that can hang from the gutter during installation).

Enough Flo-Free Ultra-Seal 10.2 ounce adhesive cartridges are included in all boxes of Flo-Free Leaf Guard.

Ultra Seal is a custom blended adhesive that bonds with all types of gutter material and the Flo-Free material. This ensures Flo-Free Leaf Guard will
never dislodge nor shrink from UV Sunlight unlike some competitor products. We've got you covered!

“Ensuring Your Flo-Free Leaf Guard Stays in place is How We Can Offer You…..
……..Our Lifetime Limited Warranty”
You may ask yourself, “Why Seal the Flo-Free into the gutter?”
Here are some of the benefits:
  1. Stops the material from shrinking after installation ensuring a valid warranty.
  2. Stops any dislodging of the gutter guards from animals, birds, snow, or branches.
  3. Eliminates the worry of high winds ripping the material away from the gutter.
  4. By attaching the Flo-Free to the gutters makes this product an asset and is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  5. Allows the Flo-Free Leaf Guard to withstand heavy snow loads without dislodging in the winter.
Your Flo-Free Leaf Guard box includes the right amount of UltraSeal adhesive for your purchase. We have done all the calculations for you. You simply have to install and then begin to enjoy the benefits, year after year. Please contact us if you have any questions.

A pair of standard household scissors is all that is need to properly cut the FLo-Free Leaf Guard where directed.A standard pair of good quality household scissors. Most gutters have hidden hangers or spikes that will require you to cut the Flo-Free Leaf Guard for proper installation. Corners and end caps also require cutting the Flo-Free to fit properly inside your gutters.

A small bag or bucket with a hook attachment may assist in collecting and discarding any debris while on the ladder.


Flo-Free Leaf Guard is installed by thousands of professionals across the country so make sure to ask your local contractor for an estimate or contact us for assistance.

Watch the installation slideshow to see how easy it can be to
eliminate clogged gutters forever!

If you are interested in seeing how Flo-Free is installed on a home from start to finish, we have made a photo gallery available for you to view the process.
Click on the image below to view

Click to see how Flo-Free Leaf Guard is installed from start to finish!