Flo-Free Leaf Guard Details


Ensure your gutters are previously cleaned, free of debris and dry before the Flo-Free Leaf Guard is installed.

The following tools are required to perform the Flo-Free Leaf Guard installation:

A sturdy ladder that is tall enough for the project and one that is stable enough to work upon. Please do not attempt to install the Flo-Free Leaf Guard from the rooftop.

A standard 10.2 ounce caulking gun (recommend a hooked plunger rod that can hang from the gutter during installation).

A standard pair of good quality household scissors. Most gutters have hidden hangers or spikes that will require you to cut the Flo-Free Leaf Guard for proper installation. Corners and end caps also require cutting the Flo-Free to fit properly inside your gutters.

If you are unsure or incapable of performing the Flo-Free Leaf Guard Installation, we would recommend contacting a capable, insured remodeling contractor, roofing contractor, carpenter contractor or a gutter contractor to perform the Flo-Free Leaf Guard installation for you.