Smart Gutter Strainer


The Smart Gutter Strainer is made to protect and provide clear passage of rain water to the downspout no matter what may be getting in your gutters. Made of an industrial strength nylon mesh, Smart Gutter Strainer keeps debris from covering the opening to your downspout.

Easy to install and can be use on almost any size and style gutter. 

No tools are required to install.

Smart Gutter Strainer comes in a package of 8 and is available only through SmartRoofProducts.

If you are tired of your downspout getting clogged with the fall foliage and other debris, here is your solution.

Buy and install today so you don't have to interrupt your weekends with unnecessary chores.

8 Smart Gutter Strainers are only $25.00

Free Shipping to Contiguous US!