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 One 20 foot roll of US RoofVent for $69.95

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US RoofVent sellsheet

The US Roof Vent is installed on the roof top at the eaves edge under the first course of shingle for intake ventilation. It is designed by professional roofing engineers for attics without soffits or attics that require additional air intake ventilation. The US Roof Vent comes on a roll so it makes for a quicker installation saving you the contractor time on the job site. It is also contractor friendly in that it cuts easily, it is lightweight, it comes on a roll, it allows air flow at all locations within the product, and it costs less than the major competitors. We call this new product a win-win for the contractor. Try some rolls and see for yourself.

Us RoofVent being installed

The US Roof Vent is rated at 9 NFA so it can be used at the soffit for all ridge vents that are rated up to 18 NFA since homes have 2 soffits which equate to 18 NFA of total air intake. The US Roof Vent is crush resistant, installs using air guns or hand nailing and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. Use the US Roof Vent at the soffit area for all your roof top jobs to achieve the proper air intake, or simply to enhance the existing air flow. The US Roof Vent can operate with other soffit vents that may be inefficient or even blocked with insulation. Proper exhaust vents are required to complete the attic air flow. The US Roof Vent easily cuts with scissors, shears or a utility knife. This vent can be moved further up the roof under the shingle courses if the soffit is open to the underside of the roof deck. The lowest possible course of shingles to install this vent is recommended. Providing 9 square inches of airflow per linear foot, this vent provides and/or exceeds most local and national code requirements.

This product comes in roll form, 20 feet per box and comes with built-in weather protection fabric to protect against gale force winds, snow and rain.

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 One 20 foot roll of US RoofVent for $69.95

US RoofVent Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for US RoofVent
step one
(Ensure metal drip edge was previously installed.)
Begin by cutting a slit 1” wide (or a series of 1 ¾” holes at 3” on center) into the roof decking 6” to 7” up from the drip edge. Do not cut slit within 12” of any side or valley/wall intersection
NOTE: Ensure insulation or other obstructions are not blocking the flow of air extending from the soffit to the roof ridge. Ridge vents or other exhaust vents are required.
step two
Place the fabric piece half way on the roof rake side edge(Gable) and even along the drip edge. Half of the fabric piece is hanging over the rake side edge(Gable) of the roof.
Nail the fabric piece(s) in place with two (2) roofing nails, one high and one low.

Start the installation of the roll of US RoofVent even at the gable edge drip edge of the roof with fabric edge(aka: lift edge) against the lower fascia drip edge WITH the smoother side of the roof vent facing towards the sky. This will show the nailing line at 2.5” up from the lift edge of the US RoofVent. The rougher side of the roof vent is against the roof deck. Nail the US RoofVent along the lift edge nail line every 6” - 8” while nailing the no-lift upper edge every 12”. Begin and end within 1.5” of the start and end of each roll. Nails should be a minimum of 1.5” long, enough to penetrate the entire thickness of the wood roof deck. Wrap the remaining end fabric neatly over the roof vent ensuring it is even with the drip edge along the gable rake edge. Refer to STEP 4 for wrapped fabric detail. Nail the fabric with two nails, one high and one low, as shown.

step four
Continue installing the roll(s) of U.S. ROOFVENT until the opposite gable edge or to a termination point. Adjoin two rolls together by simply butting them tightly to each other when installing multiple rolls. Use heavy duty household scissors to cut roll length and fabric. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to terminte the run at the opposite gable end. Note: SmartVent Tapered End Caps are available ‘seperately’ to slope the vent back down to the roof. This enables the installer to make custom roof vents within the roof shingle surface and terminate the ends of the vent with ease. Use the SmartVent Tapered End Caps on the right side or left side at the roof edge, mid-roof and peak areas. Refer to enclosed details for more information.
step five
Install ice and water membrane “on top” of the U.S. ROOF VENT. Full width ice and water membrane (36”) is required to be installed over the U.S. ROOF VENT in all environments. Ensure the upper underlayments are lapped over the lower underlayments. Please call the DCI Technical department with any questions.
step six
Shingle the roof as usual. Beginning with a starter course, always overhang shingles at least by ½”.You now have proper intake ventilation to the attic. NOTE: Secure starter course shingles to the roof deck at the ¾” lifted edge of the U.S. ROOF VENT with nails that penetrate through the roof sheathing. (Generally 1½” roofing nails are used on new roofs.) Shingles must overhang the U.S. ROOF VENT lifted edge ½” minimum to 1” maximum. Refer to shingle manufacturer application manual. Please call the DCI Technical department with any questions.

Universal Tapered End Cap details

Tapered End Caps • One Dozen (12) per box for only $71.40

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Universal Tapered End Caps were originally designed to work solely with IPS SmartVent. SmartRoofProducts has found that this product is Universal and can work with almost every roof top intake ventilation product on the market today.

*Please note that the information below is regarding the original SmartVent Tapered End Cap. The same information and design are applicable for the Universal Tapered End Cap.*

Universal Tapered End Caps are 10.5" square tapered ventilation pieces that seamlessly blend with over eave intake vents to give the roof a more aesthetic and clean finish to your intake ventilation project. (Do not use Universal Tapered End Caps at the rake edges)

The New, Patent-Pending Universal Tapered End Cap can be installed Right Side or Left Side, as you begin your over eave intake vents run or end the run. Designed with the contractor in mind, this easy to install end cap makes working with over eave intake vents simple and cost effective. Use it to end a over eave intake vents run near a dormer, valley, hip, chimney or skylight. Use it to begin a over eave intake vents run other than at the rake edge.

The Universal Tapered End Cap 'tapers' the intake Vent back down to the roof. All that you need to do is nail it down to the roof. Period! The fabric is already attached at the factory for right hand or left hand installations.


Tapered End Caps • One Dozen (12) per box for only $71.40

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