Utilimat has a variety of uses around the home.

No more clogged drains...EVER!

No more overflows...EVER!

General Information: Flo-Free Utilimats are Dishwasher safe and can be cut to any size using good quality household scissors. General housecleaning schedules should still be maintained because Flo-Free Utilimats are used for protection purposes only. Made of Nylon, these Utilimats can withstand the harshest treatment in all environments and are safe around food and beverages. Periodic dishwashing of these Utilimats can help maintain their cleanliness and longevity.

Uses: The most popular uses of Utilimat are for the Refrigerator Crisper and the Laundry Tub/Sink. Cut the Utilimat to fit loosely at the bottom of the Crisper or the Tub/Sink and lay flat on the bottom with the smooth side up.

Cutting: To cut irregular shapes and sizes, it may be beneficial to cut paper or cardboard templates first to ensure a closer fit. Use the template to cut the Utilimat to the desired size.

   Utilimat can be cut for your refridgerator drawers  Utilimat can be cut and rolled, then placed inside a downspout to keep insect and animals from entering  Utilimat can be inserted into PVC piping that is being used to exhaust in your home

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Other Uses: Utilimat can be used inside your planters to drain water from the bottom to prevent root rot. Simply cut to fit snug at the inside bottom of your pot with the smooth side up, and cover with wet paper towels (or similar) to about ¼” thick. Cover the entire Utilimat with wet tissue so the soil sits 100% on the tissue. This will easily drain water preventing root rot and will also aerate the soil. To protect the floor below the pot, you can also cut a piece of Utilimat to fit under the base of the pot. This will aerate the area below the pot and keep the pot from contacting the floor surface.
Water will not collect under the pot.

More Uses: Used as a gutter outlet strainer cut to 7” by 18” with smooth side up, a downspout protector against rodents cut to 4” by 18” a pipe protector against insects and debris and commercially for floor drains that would normally go unprotected allowing large debris to get down inside the pipes to cause blockages downstream

Cutting Utilimat to work as a gutter insert inserting cut Utilimat strip into gutter Cut Utilimat inserted into gutter Proper placement of gutter insert
Cutting a circle piece out of the utilimat for planters Utilimat circle used in the bottom of a planter Utillimat circle used for planter base Use Utilimat to keep debris out of ground exhaust vent


Utilimat for keeping your drain Clog-Free only $19.95

One Utilimat

Utilimats are 18.5" inches square and work with almost every utility/laundry tub.

One Utilimat for $19.95

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Utilimats are 18.5" inches square and work with almost every utility/laundry tub.

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